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St. John’s Chapel

Our Chapel is Rich in History and Beauty

The story of The St. John Chapel begins in the late 1940s when St. John’s Provincial Seminary opened its doors. In 1955, its remarkable chapel was dedicated.

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The Chapel is noted for its exquisite interpretation of early Italian architecture, its Botticino marble statues, and the beautiful stained glass windows.

The fine craftsmanship is demonstrated in the carved wood and stone, polycromed wood in the ceiling, large-scale mosaic, and marble inlays in the polished floor. The color scheme is just on the warm side of neutral, making the windows the major source of color and light and the main artistic feature of the chapel.

Like the rest of the facility, the Chapel was built in an adaptation of the Umbrian style. The strong perpendicular lines, narrow arches and clean lines create an awe-inspiring space.

The historic, European-style chapel offers a breathtaking setting for Catholic wedding ceremonies.

Sunday Mass is celebrated at 7:00pm in the chapel. All are welcome, please join us. (No mass will be held on Palm Sunday, Easter, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve, New Years Day)

For additional chapel information (734) 414-1104.

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